TMSH wins Overseas Magazine

Overseas is the quarterly magazine of the Royal Over-Seas League. The Royal Over-Seas League is a non-profit private members’ organisation with 16,500 members. The League is dedicated to supporting artists and musicians across the Commonwealth to connect, collaborate and create. Their humanitarian projects benefit communities and change lives. They have a luxury clubhouse in St James, one in Edinburgh, and reciprocal links with clubs in more than 30 countries worldwide. Regular features are on art, music and humanitarian projects, as well as recommendations for things to do and see in the UK. Members are typically professionals who travel frequently for business and leisure and share a love of history, culture and music

For over 50 years ROSL ARTS has developed a diverse portfolio of activities in music, visual arts, and literature. ROSL ARTS is devoted to the career development of talented young professional artists and musicians from the UK and the Commonwealth, and also presents readings and literary events at its central London headquarters.

The principal ways in which ROSL ARTS supports artists and musicians is through the ROSL Annual Music Competition, ROSL Commonwealth Music Scholarships, and ROSL Commonwealth Visual Arts Scholarships. ROSL ARTS also provides performance and exhibition opportunities for its prizewinning artists and musicians early in their careers, and thus brings their work to the attention of the professional arts community, the media, and the general public.

We are delighted to have been appointed by ROSL to develop the magazine and events business further.

To find out more about this audience and the opportunities available contact us at

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