We are recruiting

We are currently on the look out fremoteor some more sales stars to join our growing team. All of our roles are flexible and home-based and we’ve built a kick-arse team of super-salespeople who work across some awesome magazines, events and websites. The Media Sales House was originally founded due to a lack of flexible senior roles in the media industry and our Founder Deborah has built a business that enables that work:life balance to be a reality rather than a myth.   With a base office in Greenwich, TMSH is a truly 21st century business. In addition to a small core team, our hand-picked network of experienced media sales professionals works remotely on selectively matched projects using the latest cloud based technology. This provides them and our clients with absolute clarity on activities and revenue expectations, maximises time spent and revenue generation and minimises admin and non-sales time.   Roles can be as small or as big as you want them to be with all our team working from home with the systems, processes and support behind them to make remote working a wonderful place to be. We have built a great culture and all team members work together closely so that the geography isn’t an issue. We communicate daily, video conference weekly and get together every 6 weeks for a team meeting.   If you are tired of commuting your life away or want to work in a different way from the norm, get in touch to find out more. Media sales background and buckets of motivation essential. Contact us on 020 3004 7201 or hello@themediasaleshouse.co.uk

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