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Is your current sales house generating the sales you want? Do they have a winning strategy for revenue growth? Do they thoroughly understand your market, the intricacies of your product and have a defined target market? As a Publisher you want to find and appoint a partner that is thinking strategically and capable of implementing strategies to grow your business. They should be truly accountable, with strong communication capabilities, be process driven, as well as being super sales people ensuring that despite being an outsourced service, that you are in control, and it feels that they are part of the in-house team.

Accountable. Communicative. That’s us.

It would also be a bonus if they were a pleasure to work with. We are.

The Media Sales House works across all areas of the advertising mix. Not just Inserts. Not just Classified. Client direct and advertising agencies. Ensuring you have a one-stop shop for all your revenue requirements.

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Do you want to build an in-house team but aren’t sure where to start? Do you have an in-house team that isn’t performing to expectation?

Consultancy is our bag too. We have years of experience in the media sales marketplace, have been there, got the T-shirt and have probably made all the mistakes that you are about to make and have learnt from them. We want you to benefit from our experience.

We can help with all areas of the creation, management and development of advertising teams:

  • Attracting and retaining talent
  • Reward and retention
  • People development
  • Team structure
  • Strategy
  • Account development
  • Value propositions and building a sales story
  • Sales management
  • Sales leadership
  • CRM